why we started CBD BOSS

By the time I was 16 I started working for my family company, United Garage Door ltd. I did not finish high school but was driven to work hard for my money! My 22nd birthday I began to take over the company hiring helpers as my father retired off to florida (semi-retired as we call it, lol) I have had some rough patches with customers and workers, making work very nerve wrecking and confusing at times. I would resort to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana from time to time to conceal feelings, As a result of this I realized my drive was lacking and I was not 100% into running my corporation. This year as I am 24 turning 25 I have stopped all toxins and resorted to 1 thing to keep me motivated, focused, and driven. That 1 thing is CBD! There are many strands out there but the strand that I have found to work the best for busy, hard working, everyday hustlers is CBD BOSS. This strand, I have discovered in the farms of colorado I decided to make a corporation and share with the world! How can you incorporate CBD BOSS in your life?