mandala CBD infused chocolate

Our CBD Superfood x Mandala Chocolate CBD Alchemy Chocolate Bar is silky smooth and nutrient dense. Its velvety texture will melt easily on your tongue, allowing the delicate avor of stone ground cacao to llyour senses. Enriched with adaptogens chaga, reishi, and calamus as
well as CBD, each bar is fueled by a plethora of nutrients and possiblehealth bene ts. The adaptogenic herbs and cacao are stone-ground for a minimum of 24 hours to maximize bioavailability so your body can absorb as many nutritive bene ts as possible. The reishi and chaga have been harvested in Western North Carolina’s mountains so you can savor theessence of Appalachia in each bite.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Tahitian Vanilla, Organicand Wildcrafted Chaga, Organic and Wildcrafted Reishi, Organic Calamus, Celtic Sea Salt,Cannabis Sativa L. Extract.

*This product does not contain THC.

mandala CBD infused chocolate

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